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Grant Application for 2018-2019

Grant Application for 2018-2019
Grant applications are now being accepted from ELPS teachers for the 2018-2019 grant cycle. Application form is available to print at the bottom of this page.

The East Longmeadow Educational Endowment Fund was established and funded by parents and local businesses as a non-profit, private foundation focusing solely on improving the quality of public education in our town. Each year, the Endowment expects to make grants to educators for the purpose of enriching the student experience in the classroom, resource room or library.

This is our 23rd year of soliciting grant requests. The ELEEF Board of Directors have allocated up to $23,000 for funding grants.

In order for this process to be effective, we need your help. We need your insights, input and perspective captured in the form of a grant request. This grant request will set forth your ideas for projects, programs, special curriculum and equipment that will motivate students and stimulate learning.

Accompanying this letter is a grant application form. Please provide us with as much detail as needed to support a solid understanding of your request. Describe your ideas, goals and objectives. Itemize needed supplies, resources and equipment required to implement the project or program.

Our criteria for evaluating impact grant requests is as follows:
(I) The project should impact as broad a number of students as possible;
(II) The educational enrichment resulting from the grant should be as long lasting as possible;
(III) The school system should be committed to maintaining the program;
(IV) The program/project requested would not normally be funded through the annual school budget;
(V) No renewable, licensing fees will be funded;
(VI) No athletic equipment will be funded. Especially related to (III), we are requiring a signature from the Superintendent on all impact grant applications.

Please note that all applications must be submitted by December 14, 2018.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to contact me at 413 297 2882 or akasper@savagearms.com

Albert F. Kasper
Chairperson, Allocations Committee
East Longmeadow Educational Endowment

Download: GrantApplication2018-2019.doc
Allocation Committee
Allocation Committee
Albert Kasper- Chair
Ryan McCarthy- Chair

Allocation Subcommittee:

Beth Boucher
Michael Casimiro
Dean Dagnoli
Angela Edwards
Christine Garstka
Brendan Greeley
Bill Harju
Lisa Kessler
Kelly Fydenkevez
Christin LaFlamme
Adam Oliveri
Candace Pereira
Andrew Robb
Jason Robertson
Jennifer Wands


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